Student Blogs

Your blog is where you will collect all of your own work for the class.  Doing so means you will have access to your work even after the class ends and that you will be able to share your ideas with your classmates as well as anyone else interested in the topics you are researching.   Another way to think of your blog is is as an e-portfolio collecting not only your own work but also the connections, sources and ideas that you will take from the class.

If you already have a blog account and want to use an existing blog for this class, that’s fine. If you don’t, then the first few quests in the class will get you set up and ready to go.

As students set up their blogs, I will be adding them to the table below, so that you can all see each other’s work and comment on it.  You earn points for making substantive comments that will help your fellow class mates on their own learning journey.  By the end of the second week of the class, everyone’s blogs should be available here.


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